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On the Numerical Solution of Integral Equations System by B-Spline Wavelet Collocation
PDPTA, 176-179, 2010
Parallel Application Signature for Performance Prediction
PDPTA, 408-414, 2010
Optimization Investment Portfolio in Parallel Computing Environment
PDPTA, 371-376, 2010
Implementing Parallel Algorithms of MapReduce
PDPTA, 397-401, 2010
Comparison of Static Load Balancing Schemes for Utility-driven Distributed Computing
PDPTA, 115-122, 2010
Hardware Architecture for Supporting High-speed Database Insertion on Service-oriented Router for Future Internet
PDPTA, 402-407, 2010
Cooperating Multi-Core and Multi-GPU in the Computation of the Multidimensional Voronoi Adjacency in Machine Learning Datasets
PDPTA, 717-723, 2010
Dynamic Switching of Total-Order Broadcast Protocols
PDPTA, 457-463, 2010
Modified Balanced Assignment Problem - 2 Dimensional Case
PDPTA, 626-632, 2010
A Power Estimation Method for Data-Driven Power Minimizing
PDPTA, 582-588, 2010
A Self-stabilizing Edge-coloring Algorithm for General Graphs Under the Distributed Daemon Model
PDPTA, 521-526, 2010
Distributed Model for Collaborative Computing
PDPTA, 81-85, 2010
Data Access Pattern Analysis on Stream Mining Algorithms for Cloud Computation
PDPTA, 36-42, 2010
Morphing Parallelization Strategy to Support On-the-Fly Video Analysis
PDPTA, 541-547, 2010
Software Implementation of Real-Time Visual Communication System over WLAN
PDPTA, 569-574, 2010
The Diagnosability of g-good-neighbor Conditional-Faulty Hypercube under PMC Model
PDPTA, 494-499, 2010
Selecting a Suitable Multicore System for Shared-memory Parallel Applications
PDPTA, 228-234, 2010
Evaluation of Packet Flow Control Methods for a LSC on Chip with Hardware Requirements and Performance
PDPTA, 390-396, 2010
Classification of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia on High-resolution CT Images using Counter-propagation Network
PDPTA, 652-657, 2010
Genetic Algorithm Running Time Optimization Using OpenMP Parallel Computing
PDPTA, 362-370, 2010
Macroscopic Power Simulation for Self-Timed Pipeline
PDPTA, 589-595, 2010
Exploiting Bit and GPU-Thread Level Parallelism in Construction of Generalized Minimum Aberration Designs
PDPTA, 235-240, 2010
Generating Algorithms for Matrices with Large Condition Number to Evaluate Singular Value Decomposition
PDPTA, 619-625, 2010
Solving Mutual Exclusion Problem in Asynchronous Systems with Unreliable Failure Detectors
PDPTA, 156-164, 2010
A Music Composition Model with Genetic Programming
PDPTA, 686-692, 2010
Minimizing Total Cost ($$) and Maximizing Throughput - A Metric for Node versus Core Usage in Multi-Core Clusters
PDPTA, 241-246, 2010
An Efficient Shared Memory Programming Model for Biological Systems Simulation
PDPTA, 315-319, 2010
A Linear-time Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Maximal 2-packing under Synchronous Daemon with Restriction
PDPTA, 487-493, 2010
Batch Mode Stochastic-Based Robust Dynamic Resource Allocation in a Heterogeneous Computing System
PDPTA, 263-269, 2010
A Hybrid Expert System for IT Security Risk Assessment
PDPTA, 430-434, 2010
Using write Buffering and Read Prefetching Between Flash and Disk Drives to Save Energy in a Hybrid System
PDPTA, 332-338, 2010
WS-SWIFT: A High-speed Scheduler
PDPTA, 277-283, 2010
Collecting Sensor Data for High-Performance Computing: A Case-study
PDPTA, 384-389, 2010
Decentralized Resource Management for a Distributed Mobile Computing Environment
PDPTA, 291-296, 2010
Speculative Transactions for Distributed Interactive Applications
PDPTA, 28-35, 2010
Real-Time Motion Object Tracking Using GPU and Cell Processor
PDPTA, 217-221, 2010
Load-aware Flooding over Ad Hoc Networks achieving a Reduction in Traffic and Power Consumption
PDPTA, 603-609, 2010
Queuing Network Approximation Technique for Evaluating Performance of Computer Systems with Memory Resources
PDPTA, 640-645, 2010
A Light Framework for the Unified Representation and Execution of Variant Tasks in a Grid Based Environment
PDPTA, 658-664, 2010
Distributed Mobile Computing: Development of Distributed Applications Using Mobile Agents
PDPTA, 562-568, 2010
Feature Detection of Volume Data Based on Topology and its Application to Database Construction
PDPTA, 665-671, 2010
Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for a Distributed Mobile Computing Environment
PDPTA, 556-561, 2010
A Novel Computation-to-core Mapping Scheme for Robust Facet Image Modeling on GPUs
PDPTA, 189-195, 2010
An Implementation and Evaluation of Web Access Distribution System Using PlanetLab
PDPTA, 752-757, 2010
A Comparison of Load Balancing Algorithms for Spatially Oriented Multi-Agent Simulation Frameworks
PDPTA, 123-129, 2010
Efficient Implementation of (Self-)Reconfigurable Systems
PDPTA, 74-80, 2010
Data-Parallelism and GPUs for Lattice Gas Fluid Simulations
PDPTA, 210-216, 2010
Computing with Words and Perceptions - A Paradigm Shift
PDPTA, 3-5, 2010
Path Embeddings and Related Properties in Cartesian Product Graphs
PDPTA, 508-514, 2010
Anycast Routing in Hypercube Multicomputers
PDPTA, 500-507, 2010
Broadcasting in Hierarchical Tree Cluster Network
PDPTA, 479-486, 2010
High Performance Data Clustering: A Comparison Analysis of Performance for GPU, RASC, MPI, and OpenMP Implementation
PDPTA, 355-361, 2010
Multi-Regression Analysis of Music Impressions for Music Evaluation
PDPTA, 693-702, 2010
A Query-based Information Discovery method using Location Coordinates and its Contribution to Reducing Power Consumption in an Ad Hoc Network
PDPTA, 610-618, 2010
Parallel Unstructured Grids Package for the Solution of CFD Problems on Parallel Computers
PDPTA, 424-429, 2010
A Feedback Vertex Set on Pancake Graphs
PDPTA, 532-540, 2010
Grouping Fault Detection Protocol under Dynamic Network Environments
PDPTA, 151-155, 2010
PySMO: Python Shared Memory Objects
PDPTA, 203-209, 2010
High Performance Symmetric Decryption Algorithm on General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit
PDPTA, 222-227, 2010
A Case Study for SOA System Rejuvenation
PDPTA, 97-103, 2010
Enhancing the Discovery of Web Services: A Keyword-oriented Multiontology Reconciliation
PDPTA, 724-730, 2010
Efficient State Minimization Algorithm of Linear Separation Automata
PDPTA, 633-639, 2010
Load Balancing Schemes for Parallel Processing of Dynamic Programming on BSP/CGM Model
PDPTA, 710-716, 2010
Symbolic Schedulability Analysis of Task Sets with Arbitrary Deadlines
PDPTA, 284-290, 2010
Two Spanning Disjoint Paths with Required Length in Arrangement Graphs
PDPTA, 527-531, 2010
Using Replication for Energy Conservation in RAID Systems
PDPTA, 703-709, 2010
Web Based Simulation Architecture for Designing High Quality Distributed e-Learning Systems
PDPTA, 68-73, 2010
Lite Migration Toolkit for HPC Fault Tolerance with Virtualization Environment
PDPTA, 137-143, 2010
A Low Cost Robust Architecture with High Connectivity for the Control of Refrigeration Chambers
PDPTA, 435-442, 2010
Efficient Commit Ordering of Speculative Transactions
PDPTA, 21-27, 2010
Supporting Concurrent Memory Access and Multioperations in Moving Threads CMPs
PDPTA, 377-383, 2010
An Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem with Custom Computing Machine
PDPTA, 247-251, 2010
A Petri Net Extension for Schedulability Analysis of Real Time Embedded Systems
PDPTA, 304-314, 2010
Research on Extracting Skeleton of Mechanism Based on Digital Mockup
PDPTA, 180-188, 2010
DMarshal: A Data Marshaling Toolkit for High Performance Heterogeneous Computing
PDPTA, 56-62, 2010
Method for Experimental Measurement of an Applications Memory Bus Usage
PDPTA, 415-423, 2010
Analyzing Garbage Collection Techniques for Embedded Multimedia Systems
PDPTA, 548-555, 2010
Authentication Scheme for Personal/Portable Devices over Cognitive Radio Networking Standard
PDPTA, 758-762, 2010
Efficient Processing of Queries with Multiple Keywords in P2P DHT with Limited Memory
PDPTA, 51-55, 2010
Translating CSP Specifications to Equivalent Petri Nets
PDPTA, 320-326, 2010
Implementation of a Distributed Chess Playing Software System Using Principal Variation Splitting
PDPTA, 92-96, 2010
Banker's Deadlock Avoidance Algorithm for Distributed Service-Oriented Architectures
PDPTA, 43-50, 2010
Parallel Ant Colony Optimization on Graphics Processing Units
PDPTA, 196-202, 2010
Collaborative Clustering of Unstructured P2P Using Tit-for-Tat Reconfiguration Rule
PDPTA, 450-456, 2010
Stochastic Scheduling of Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Systems Using GSPN
PDPTA, 270-276, 2010
Design of the Generic Remote Monitoring and Control System Based on GSM Communication
PDPTA, 86-91, 2010
Lambda-Systolic Routing in a Dense Optical Torus
PDPTA, 515-520, 2010
Predictive Scheduling with Determined Terms of Milestone Achievement
PDPTA, 763-, 2010
Exhausted Dominated Performance ? Basic Proof of Concept
PDPTA, 63-67, 2010
Numerical Solvability of Hammerstein Integral Equations Based on Hybrid Legendre and Block-Pulse Functions
PDPTA, 172-175, 2010
A Data Assignment for Faceted Search on P2P Environment
PDPTA, 646-651, 2010
Rapid Performance of Parabolic Problems using Convection Diffusion Reaction on GPU Accelerator
PDPTA, 252-256, 2010
Multi-Agent Systems: A Survey
PDPTA, 737-745, 2010
Green IT: Constructing a Cluster Computer with Old Processors
PDPTA, 109-114, 2010
Experiences with OpenMP on Fortran Legacy High Performance Code: Performance Improvements and Problems
PDPTA, 327-331, 2010
A Reliable File Management System based on a Scaled Secret Sharing Scheme
PDPTA, 297-303, 2010
A Power Simulator/Validator for Ultra-Low-Power Data-Driven Networking System
PDPTA, 575-581, 2010
Update Dependence Analysis of Web Pages for Incremental Crawling
PDPTA, 672-678, 2010
Fault-tolerant Routing for Multiple Permanent and Non-permanent Faults in HPC Systems
PDPTA, 144-150, 2010
System Level Power Analysis for SoC Architecture Exploration
PDPTA, 257-262, 2010
Design and Simulation of Hybrid de novo DNA Sequence Assembly for Large Eukaryotic Genomes
PDPTA, 104-108, 2010
Raising the Level of Abstraction of GPU-programming
PDPTA, 339-345, 2010
Security Framework in Common Control Channel for Personal/Portable Devices over TV White Spaces
PDPTA, 475-478, 2010
Efficient File Sharing in Unstructured P2Ps with the Aid of Circulation of Summary Lists
PDPTA, 470-474, 2010
A Workflow Orchestration and Reuse Service for the Semantic Grid
PDPTA, 731-736, 2010
Stage-by-Stage Power Gating Circuit for Ultra-Low-Power Self-Timed Pipeline
PDPTA, 596-602, 2010
Energy-Efficient Management of Data Center Resources for Cloud Computing: A Vision, Architectural Elements, and Open Challenges
PDPTA, 6-20, 2010
Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Shocks and Material Interfaces
PDPTA, 165-171, 2010
Saving Energy with Cooperative Caching in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
PDPTA, 464-469, 2010
Optimization of GROMACS for CUDA Environments
PDPTA, 679-685, 2010
Layouts for Sparse Networks Supporting Throughput Computing
PDPTA, 443-449, 2010
Disciplined Multi-core Programming in C
PDPTA, 346-354, 2010
Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, PDPTA 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, July 12-15, 2010, 2 Volumes
ISBN: 1-60132-158-9, 2010
Shaping Parallelism in Pervasive Spider-Web Communication Networks
PDPTA, 239-245, 2009
Memory Error Analysis in Temporal TMR Viterbi Decoder
PDPTA, 218-222, 2009
Distance Reliability for the Star Graph
PDPTA, 277-282, 2009
Modeling and Throughput Analysis of Grid Task Scheduling Using Stochastic Petri Nets
PDPTA, 458-464, 2009
Dynamic Priority Inversion Avoidance in Real-Time Operating Systems
PDPTA, 212-217, 2009
Power Aware Scheduling in Computational Grids
PDPTA, 451-457, 2009
Minimizing the Energy Consumption of Behavior-Oriented Parallelization
PDPTA, 821-827, 2009
Impementation of Map, Reduce and Filter Prolog Predicates on the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
PDPTA, 803-807, 2009
Study on Power Efficiency of Data-Driven Wireless Mesh Protocol Processing
PDPTA, 588-594, 2009
Pandemic Simulations by MADE: A Combination of Multi-agent and Differential Euations
PDPTA, 331-335, 2009