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Enforcing Dependability and Timeliness in CANELy - Application to Spaceborne Data Communication Systems
PECCS, 456-463, 2011
Using Tailored Failure Suspectors to Support Distributed Cooperative Applications
Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, 352-358, 1995
How to avoid cost of causal communication in large-scale Systems
ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, 106-111, 1994
A Study on the Inaccessibility Characteristics of ISO 8802/4 Token-Bus LANs
INFOCOM, 958-967, 1992
Real-Time Data Management with Clock-Less Reliable Broadcast Protocols
Workshop on the Management of Replicated Data, 20-24, 1990
Formal Specification and Verification of a Network Independent Atomic Multicast Protocol
FORTE, 345-352, 1990