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Enhancing Cooperation in Wireless Vehicular Networks
WOSIS, 91-102, 2011
Cooperative Approach to Self-managed VANETs
WINSYS, 94-97, 2010
Knowledge Management using Clusters in VANETs - Description, Simulation and Analysis
KMIS, 170-175, 2010
Simple Cellular Automata-Based Linear Models for a Class of Sequence Generators
CSC, 14-18, 2010
A Linear Cellular Automata-Based Model for Generating Cryptographic Sequences
CSC, 100-106, 2010
Group Proposal to Secure Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Security and Management, 10-15, 2010
On Privacy and Integrity in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
ICWN, 111-115, 2010
Linearization of the Alternating Step Generator in Terms of Cellular Automata
CSC, 349-352, 2009
Differentiated Services to Provide Efficient Node Authentication in VANETs
Security and Management, 184-187, 2009
Rethinking Self-organized Public-key Management for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
WOSIS, 103-110, 2009
Deterministic Cryptanalysis of some Stream Ciphers
WOSIS, 16-25, 2009
Current Topics in Security of Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks
AISC, 3, 2008
New Attack Strategy for the Shrinking Generator
WOSIS, 59-67, 2008