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Efficient Forward Error Correction for Reliable Transmission in Packet Networks
PDPTA, 103-109, 2008
Bypassing the System Caching and the Filesystem for High-Performance I/O Intensive Applications
PDPTA, 410-414, 2007
Storage Performance over Fast Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, Giga Ethernet TOE and InfiniBand
PDPTA, 967-871, 2007
An Efficient Algorithm for Determining the Relationship between Two Nodes on DAG
FCS, 144-147, 2007
Combinatorial Optimization in Mapping Generalized Template Matching onto Reconfigurable Computers
ERSA, 223-226, 2006
Performance Analysis of Network Storage Manager System Using DAFS over InfiniBand
PDPTA, 151-157, 2006
Impact of Ethernet Jumbo Frames on TCP/IP Application Performance
PDPTA, 1332-1335, 2005
Reliable Distributed Lookup Service Based on Jini and JGroups
PDPTA, 1325-1331, 2005
Enhancing Data-Intensive Applications Performance by Tuning the Distributed Storage Policies
PDPTA, 1515-1522, 2004
Enabling High-Performance Data Service in the Web Environment
I. J. Comput. Appl., 10(2):125-133, 2003
DTViewer: A High Performance Distributed Terrain Image Viewer with Reliable Data Delivery
JCIS, 927-930, 2002
Multithreaded Distributed MPEGI-Video Delivery in the Internet Environment
SAC (2), 592-597, 2000
Turning chaos into order: a critical evaluation of web-based technologies
WebNet, 910-915, 2000
Techniques for Availability and Reliability of Distributed-Parallel Storage Systems
Euro-PDS, 23-28, 1997