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On the Accuracy of Anderson's Fast N-body Algorithm
PPSC, 1997
A Data-Parallel Adaptive N-body Method
PPSC, 1997
A Data-Parallel Implementation of the Geometric Partitioning Algorithm
PPSC, 1997
Hierarchical Load Balancing for Parallel Fast Legendre Transforms
PPSC, 1997
Embedding Three-Dimensional Meshes in Boolean Cubes by Graph Decomposition
ICPP (3), 319-326, 1990
Optimizing Tridiagonal Solvers for Alternating Direction Methods on Boolean Cube Multiprocessors
PPSC, 96-98, 1989
Data Parallel Algorithms for the Finite Element Method
PPSC, 257-267, 1989
The Communication Efficiency fo Meshes, Boolean Cubes and Cube Connected Cycles for Wafer Scale Integraton
ICPP, 479-482, 1987
Algorithms for Matrix Transposition on Boolean n-Cube Configured Ensemble Architectures
ICPP, 621-629, 1987
On the Embedding of Arbitrary Meshes in Boolean Cubes With Expansion Two Dilation Two
ICPP, 188-191, 1987
Distributed Routing Algorithms for Broadcasting and Personalized Communication in Hypercubes
ICPP, 640-648, 1986
The Tree Machine: An Evaluation of Strategies for Reducing Program Loading Time
ICPP, 202-205, 1983
A Mathematical Approach to the Design of VLSI Networks for Real-Time Computation Problems
RTSS, 32-40, 1981