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International Conference on Software Engineering Theory and Practice, SETP-08, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 7-10, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60651-005-6, 2008
Using defect data to drive Organizational Training efforts
SETP, 61-68, 2008
TILO - An Automated Unit Testing Framework for DLLs
SETP, 45-52, 2008
SoBA: A Tool Support for Story Card Based Agile Software Development
SETP, 17-23, 2008
Orthogonal Decomposition of Finite-State Behavior Models As a Basis for Determining Components in Software Architectures
SETP, 77-84, 2008
Methodology for Automatic Generation of Exhaustive Behavioral Models in Reactive Autonomic Systems
SETP, 95-104, 2008
Increment Iterative Extreme Programming (IIXP) Methodology for Developing Static Web Presence
SETP, 123-127, 2008
Novel Hierarchical Structure towards Effective e-Testing System
SETP, 37-44, 2008
Empirical Studies to Measure the Artifact Recovery
SETP, 4-8, 2008
Service Delivery Responsibilities in Large Offshore Software Projects
SETP, 69-76, 2008
Recovering Structural Consistency between Design and Implementation using Correspondence Relations
SETP, 53-60, 2008
Increment Iterative Extreme Programming (IIXP) Methodology for Developing Web Application
SETP, 135-139, 2008
Story Card's Values Oriented Prioritization Matrix for XP (Agile Software Development)
SETP, 24-29, 2008
Increment Iterative Extreme Programming (IIXP) Methodology For Developing Intranet Web Based Systems
SETP, 140-144, 2008
A Novel Approach for Software Property Validation
SETP, 173-178, 2008
Towards Automatic Diagnostic of Conceptual Problems in Requirements Text
SETP, 105-114, 2008
Acceptance Test Driven Story Card Development: an Improved Requirement Elicitation Process in XP
SETP, 30-36, 2008
Need of Appropriate Component Reusability Metrics and Standards for Component-Based Systems
SETP, 92-94, 2008
Adaptation in a Pervasive Computing Environment
SETP, 145-155, 2008
Security Modeling and Analysis in a Software Architecture Design
SETP, 115-122, 2008
Semantic Web Information Retrieval and Domain Knowledge Representation Using Unified Modeling Language
SETP, 165-172, 2008
Parametric Software Cost Estimation for the Solitary Programmer
SETP, 85-91, 2008
Story-Wall: Supporting Agile Software Development in a Distributed Context
SETP, 9-16, 2008
Visualizing Safety Score for the Digital Home
SETP, 128-134, 2008
MaST: A Tool for Aiding the Staff Training Management by Using Influence Diagrams
SETP, 156-164, 2008
Extension to the Basic Data Types for Better Data Representation
SETP, 1-3, 2008
Systems' conflict Dimensions where Shared Resources Influence the Tasks Execution
SETP, 36-40, 2007
GUI Path Oriented Test Case Generation
SETP, 21-28, 2007
Extended Quality Model for Object Oriented Design (EQMOOD): Evaluation of Design Patterns' Impact on Object Oriented Design Quality
SETP, 160-167, 2007
Recovery of Architecture Artifacts
SETP, 249-254, 2007
A Comparison of Icelandic Software Development and Free and Open Source Software Processes
SETP, 168-175, 2007
Automated Random Testing to Detect Specification-Code Inconsistencies
SETP, 112-119, 2007
Using Communication Objects During Requirements Analysis
SETP, 213-220, 2007
Revitalizing Software Engineering Education in the 21st Century
SETP, 197-204, 2007
Non-functional Requirement Modeling and Analysis in an Aspect-Oriented Architectural Approach
SETP, 96-103, 2007
Dual-Shore Program Management Experience in Packaged Solution Development, Testing & Implementation
SETP, 190-196, 2007
Dimensional Inference Using Symbol Lives
SETP, 152-159, 2007
Metaphor for Software Architecture - Asynchronous Design
SETP, 147-151, 2007
A Survey of Fault-Based Testing
SETP, 242-248, 2007
A Local Data Stream Management System
SETP, 81-88, 2007
Development Phases of a Generic Data Mining Life Cycle (DMLC)
SETP, 5-11, 2007
Towards Understanding Service Oriented Architecture and Systems Using Viewpoints
SETP, 228-233, 2007
Comparative Analysis of Automated Version Control Tools
SETP, 106-111, 2007
Software Engineering in Computer Science Capstone Projects
SETP, 55-62, 2007
A Generic Software Architecture for a Domain Specific Distributed Embedded System
SETP, 41-46, 2007
Generic Binding of Object Oriented Programming Languages to RDF(S)
SETP, 125-132, 2007
A Framework for Practical Specification-Based Testing
SETP, 176-189, 2007
Engineering Practices and Guidelines to Enhance Reuse Adequacy in Software Product Line Analysis
SETP, 133-140, 2007
FORCEnet Innovation & Research Enterprise (F.I.R.E.) Architecture for Computer Supported Cooperative Work
SETP, 63-69, 2007
A Composite Domain Framework for Developing Electronic Public Services
SETP, 234-241, 2007
Distinct Features in Agile Methodologies
SETP, 120-124, 2007
Implementation of Advanced Workflow Patterns in a Workflow Management System Using Mobile Agents
SETP, 205-212, 2007
IV & V Inspection Process
SETP, 141-146, 2007
A New Clustering Approach for Systems Design Improvement
SETP, 47-54, 2007
'ANY' A Relational Operator to Enhance Expressivity of Programming Languages
SETP, 104-105, 2007
The concept comparison of BORM Points method with Use Case Points
SETP, 29-35, 2007
A Survey of Formal Methods for Software Architecture
SETP, 221-227, 2007
Explanation of Software Entropy by Golden Ratio and Logarithmic Spiral
SETP, 12-20, 2007
A Software Size Measure for Estimating Effort based on a Software Development Life Cycle
SETP, 70-80, 2007
An Implementation Model for Requirements Management in CMM
SETP, 1-4, 2007
Roles Versus Classes
SETP, 89-95, 2007
International Conference on Software Engineering Theory and Practice, SETP-07, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 9-12 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9727412-6-2, 2007