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Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability from Chameleon-Hashes
SECRYPT, 296-304, 2013
On Secure Communication over Wireless Sensor Networks
SECRYPT, 364-367, 2012
Information-leakage in Hybrid Randomized Protocols
SECRYPT, 134-143, 2011
On Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing
CLOSER, 604-609, 2011
Multipath Authentication without shared Secrets and with Applications in Quantum Networks
Security and Management, 111-115, 2010
Anonymous but Authorized Transactions Supporting Selective Traceability
SECRYPT, 132-141, 2010
Über Informationstheoretische Sicherheit: Aktuelle Probleme und Lösungen
Ausgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen, 201-210, 2009
On Information-Theoretic Security - Contemporary Problems and Solutions
epubli GmbH, 1-194, 2009
Universally Unique Identifiers: How To Ensure Uniqueness While Protecting The Issuer's Privacy
Security and Management, 198-204, 2007
Achieving Unconditional Security in Existing Networks Using Quantum Cryptography
SECRYPT, 207-210, 2006