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Exploratory Design of Derivation Business Rules Using Query Rewriting
SEKE, 467-472, 2007
Increasing the Accuracy of Time-tabled Condition Monitoring
IICIS, 21-35, 2002
Non-Intrusive Assessment of Organizational Data Quality
IQ, 398-411, 2001
Advances in Databases, 16th British National Conferenc on Databases, BNCOD 16, Cardiff, Wales, U.K., July 6-8, 1998, Proceedings
ISBN: 3-540-64659-01405, 1998
Compiling a Declarative High-Level Language for Semantic Integrity Constraints
DS-6, 188-226, 1995
Constraint Maintenance using Generated Methods in the P/FDM Object-Oriented Database
Rules in Database Systems, 364-381, 1993