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Game-tree Search Algorithm based on Realization Probability
ICGA Journal, 25(3):145-152, 2002
A Portable and Reasonably Efficient Implementation of KL1
ICLP, 833, 1993
Parallel Inference System of the FGCS Project - Status Report
IJCSLP Workshop on Concurrent and Parallel Implementations, 1992
Paragraph: A Graphical Tuning Tool for Multiprocessor Systems
FGCS, 286-293, 1992
Implementing Streams on Parallel Machines with Distributed Memory
FGCS, 791-798, 1992
Operating System PIMOS and Kernel Language KL1
FGCS, 73-88, 1992
Programming in KL1 and AYA
LPE, 42-47, 1992
Programing Environment of PIMOS
LPE, 48-54, 1992
PIMOS: A Concurrent Logic Programming Environment
LPE, 63-67, 1990
Distributed Implementation of KL1 on the Multi-PSI/V2
ICLP, 436-451, 1989
Macro Processing in Prolog
ICLP/SLP, 466-480, 1988
Lazy Reference Counting: An Incremental Garbage Collection Method for Parallel Inference Machines
ICLP/SLP, 1241-1256, 1988
A'UM - A Stream-Based Concurrent Object-Oriented Language
FGCS, 638-649, 1988
Overview of the Parallel Inference Machine Operating System (PIMOS)
FGCS, 230-251, 1988
A Load Balancing Mechanism for Large Scale Multiprocessor Systems and its Implementation
FGCS, 978-986, 1988
Macro-Call Instruction for the Efficient KL1 Implementation on PIM
FGCS, 953-961, 1988
Research and Development of the Parallel Inference System in the Intermediate Stage of the FGCS Project
FGCS, 16-36, 1988
An Efficient Termination Detection and Abortion Algorithm for Distributed Processing Systems
ICPP (1), 18-22, 1988
Parallel Inference System Researches in the FGCS Project
SLP, 274-276, 1987
An Abstract KL1 Machine and Its Instruction Set
SLP, 468-477, 1987
Multiple Reference Management in Flat GHC
ICLP, 276-293, 1987
A Sequential Implementation of Concurrent Prolog Based on the Shallow Binding Scheme
SLP, 110-118, 1985
Concurrent Prolog Compiler on Top of Prolog
SLP, 119-126, 1985
Eager and Lazy Enumerations in Concurrent Prolog
ICLP, 89-100, 1984
Efficient Stream/Array Processing in Logic Programming Languages
FGCS, 317-326, 1984
Unique Features of ESP
FGCS, 292-298, 1984