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Linguistic Evolution through Language Acquisition: Formal and Computational Models, edited by Ted Briscoe
Computational Linguistics, 29(3):503-506, 2003
High Precision Extraction of Grammatical Relations
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Lexical Rules in Constraint-based Grammar
Computational Linguistics, 25(4):487-526, 1999
Co-evolution of Language and of the Language Acquisition Device
ACL, 418-427, 1997
Generalized Probabilistic LR Parsing of Natural Language (Corpora) with Unification-Based Grammars
Computational Linguistics, 19(1):25-59, 1993
Lexical Access in Connected Speech Recognition
ACL, 84-90, 1989
A Formalism and Environment for the Development of a Large Grammar of English
IJCAI, 703-708, 1987