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Auswirkung drahtloser Netzsegmente auf die Transporteffizienz von TCP/IP-Verbindungen
Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen, 159-172, 2001
An Overview of Activities on Wireless Networks in the European Project COST 257 (invited paper)
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Analysis Of A Versatile Queuing Model With State-Dependent Service Times
MMB, 121-135, 1999
Adaptation Of The Fuzzy Explicit Rate Marking To ABR Flow-Control In A Wireless ATM Network
MMB (Kurzvorträge), 25-29, 1999
Analysis of a Finite FIFO Buffer In A Packet-Switched Network
MMB (Kurzbeiträge), 160-169, 1997
An Admission Control Model Through Outband Signalling Management
INFOCOM, 987-995, 1992
Modellierung und Analyse einer adaptiven Verkehrslenkungsstrategie
TH Darmstadt, 1-374, 1992
Analysis and application of an MMPP/PH/n/m multi-server model
Performance of Distributed Systems and Integrated Communication Networks, 323-342, 1991