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Tangible and Distributed User Interfaces to Improve Cognitive Abilities within People Affected by Alzheimer's Disease
DUI@EICS, 10-13, 2013
Interconnecting Current Technology in Healthcare Environments
DUI@EICS, 27-30, 2013
Making Distributed User Interfaces Interruption-Resistant: A Model-Based Approach
DUI@EICS, 18-22, 2013
Drawer: an Innovative Teaching Method for Blended Learning
FedCSIS, 727-734, 2013
A Collaborative Web System to Improve Citizens-Administration Communication
ICEIS (5), 308-315, 2008
A Mobile Software Developed for Art Museums: Conceptual Model and Architecture
WEBIST (1), 469-474, 2007
Evaluating the Users' Experience of a PDA-based Software Applied in Art Museums
WEBIST (2), 351-358, 2007
CE4WEB: Una Herramienta CASE Colaborativa para el Modelado de Aplicaciones con UML
JISBD, 413-414, 2007