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Label Layout for Interactive 3D Illustrations
WSCG (Journal Papers), 1-8, 2005
Statistical Shape Analysis for Computer Aided Spine Deformity Detection
WSCG (Journal Papers), 57-64, 2005
Direct Volume Rendering Unstructured Grids in a PC based VR Environment
WSCG (Journal Papers), 25-32, 2005
The Adaptive Thin Shell Tetrahedral Mesh
WSCG (Journal Papers), 17-24, 2005
Texture Painting from Video
WSCG (Journal Papers), 119-125, 2005
Parametrization of Tubular Surfaces on the Cylinder
WSCG (Journal Papers), 97-104, 2005
Broadcast GL: An Alternative Method for Distributing OpenGL API Calls to Multiple Rendering Slaves
WSCG (Journal Papers), 65-72, 2005
Fast and Accurate Hausdorff Distance Calculation between Meshes
WSCG (Journal Papers), 41-48, 2005
Silhouette Enhanced Point-Based Rendering
WSCG (Journal Papers), 105-111, 2005
Shape from Silhouette: Image Pixels for Marching Cubes
WSCG (Journal Papers), 112-118, 2005
Efficiently Keeping an Optimal Stripification over a CLOD Mesh
WSCG (Journal Papers), 73-80, 2005
Go with the Winners Strategy in Path Tracing
WSCG (Journal Papers), 49-56, 2005
Denoising 2-D Vector Fields by Vector Wavelet Thresholding
WSCG (Journal Papers), 33-40, 2005