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Expert Evaluation of a Spoken Dialogue System in a Clinical Operating Room
LREC, 2018
Contextual Dependencies in Time-Continuous Multidimensional Affect Recognition
LREC, 2018
What Causes the Differences in Communication Styles? A Multicultural Study on Directness and Elaborateness
LREC, 2018
Effects of Gender Stereotypes on Trust and Likability in Spoken Human-Robot Interaction
LREC, 2018
User Involvement in Mixed-initiative Planning
ISCT, 37-42, 2015
A Unified Knowledge Base for Companion-Systems - A Case Study for Mixed-Initiative Planning
ISCT, 43-48, 2015
An Approach to Semi-supervised Classification using the Hungarian Algorithm
ICAART (1), 424-433, 2011