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ALVIS: Superpeer Semantic Search Engine
EWIMT, 2004
Trends & Controversies: Will Domain-Specific Code Synthesis Become a Silver Bullet?
IEEE Intelligent Systems, 13(2):9-15, 1998
Graphical Models for Discivering Knowledge
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 59-82, 1996
Classifiers: A Theoretical and Empirical Study
IJCAI, 638-644, 1991
Learning Classification Rules Using Bayes
ML, 94-98, 1989
A Critique of the Valiant Model
IJCAI, 837-842, 1989
Machine Invention of First Order Predicates by Inverting Resolution
ML, 339-352, 1988
Decision tree induction systems: A Bayesian analysis
Int. J. Approx. Reasoning, 2(3):330, 1988
Generalised Subsumption and its Applications to Induction and Redundancy
ECAI, 15-23, 1986