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From Computing to Informatics
DMS, 2010
Building Global Ecosystem for Collaborative Computing Research and Education
SEKE, 3, 2008
Communication Model to Support Rapid Application Development
Communications in Computing, 185-191, 2006
Achieving a Better Middleware Design through Formal Modeling and Analysis
SEKE, 463-468, 2006
Design an Interoperable Mobile Agent System Based on Predicate Transition Net Models
SEKE, 560-565, 2005
Applying Aspect-Orientation in Designing Security Systems: A Case Study
SEKE, 360-365, 2004
Integrating Security Administration into Software Architectures Design
SEKE, 416-420, 2004
Performance Modeling and Analysis of Software Architectures: An Aspect-Oriented UML Based Approach
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 111-120, 2004
A Component Framework for Resource Management Systems
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 681-687, 2004
Formal Software Architecture Design of Secure Distributed Systems
SEKE, 450-457, 2003
A Formalism for Architectural Modeling of Distributed Real-Time Systems
SEKE, 408-417, 1996
An Environment for Specification, Simulation and Analysis of Distributed Object-Oriented Systems
SEKE, 402-410, 1995