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A Multi-phase Soft Segmentation Based on Bi-direction Projected PDHG Method
IPCV, 486-491, 2010
MR Image Reconstruction via Sparse Representation: Modeling and Algorithm
IPCV, 10-16, 2009
An Extension of Sine-Sinc Model Based on Logarithm of Likelihood
IPCV, 222-227, 2008
Integration of Functional Mapping and Delay Differential Equations to Map the Genes that Regulate Circadian Rhythms
BCBGC, 118-125, 2008
Recovery of Intra-voxel Structure from HARD DWI
ISBI, 1028-1031, 2004
Statistical Analysis of a Nonlinear Estimator for ADC and Its Application to Optimizing Diffusion Weighting Factors
ISBI, 1032-1035, 2004