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Aesthetics in Mate-in-3 Combinations (Part I: Combinatorics and Weights)
ICGA Journal, 33(3):140-148, 2010
Aesthetics in Mate-in-3 Combinations (Part II: Normality)
ICGA Journal, 33(4):202-211, 2010
Optical Implementation of Hopfield Neural Network with Run-Length Encoding for Fingerprint Recognition
IC-AI, 53-56, 2009
Theme Detection and Evaluation in Chess
ICGA Journal, 31(2):97-109, 2008
Gray Image Recognition Using Hopfield Neural Network Optimized by Discrete Wavelet Transform
IPCV, 395-401, 2007
Is Aesthetics Computable?
ICGA Journal, 29(1):32-39, 2006