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Towards the Development of a Gold Standard for Authoring, Introducing and Sustaining Virtual Patients in Multi-campus Clinical Education Environments
Bio-Algorithms and Med-Systems, 6(11):35-38, 2010
Application of Information Theory to the Quantification of Concurrent Engineering Processes
ISPE CE, 679-695, 2006
Advanced Mobile Streaming: Multimedia Streaming of Interactive Content Across Mobile Networks
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering, 426-431, 2005
Formalising stories: sequences of events and state changes
ICME, 587-590, 2004
A Cryptographic Protocol to Protect MPLS Labels
IAW, 237-242, 2003
Implementation of TTCN-3 Test Systems using the TRI
TestCom, 425-442, 2002
Functional Requirements for a Secure Electronic Voting System
SEC, 507-520, 2002