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On the forcing connected geodetic number and the connected geodetic number of a graph
Ars Comb., 126323-335, 2016
A New Approach to Adapting XP for Use in Medium to Large Complex Projects
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 523-529, 2009
Modeling Secure Architectural Connector with UML 2.0
IMECS, 1172-1176, 2007
Classification of Horizontally Distributed Data Using Cooperative Learners and Correlation-based Region-specific Partnership Score
IMECS, 696-701, 2007
Graphs K1*4, 5, K1*5, 4, K1*4, 4, K2, 3, 4, have the property M(3)
Ars Comb., 84, 2007
Comparing Object-Oriented and SSADM Methodologies Using Evaluation Parameters
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 634-637, 2007
Evaluation and Comparison of Rule Scheduling Approaches in Active Database Systems
Automation, Control, and Information Technology, 34-40, 2005
Evaluation Methodology for Rule Scheduling in Active Database Systems
International Conference on Computational Intelligence, 27-31, 2004
Paving the Road Towards Business to Software Unified Modeling Using Extended UML
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 165-170, 2004
AFFDEF: Adaptive and flexible fuzzy duplicate elimination framework
IASTED Conf. on Software Engineering and Applications, 773-780, 2004
A New Approach Towards Mature Software Models Through Business to Software Unified Process (BSUP)
IKE, 370-378, 2003
A New Grammar for Arithmetic Expressions in a Parallel Processing Environment
ICPP, 75-83, 1986