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Parallel Information Retrieval Scalability using the Relational Model on Large Document Collections
PDPTA, 2000
Parallel Application Optimization via Network Models
PDPTA, 2252-2258, 1999
Digital Library Information Categorization, Visualization, and Retrieval
PDPTA, 1404-1409, 1999
Relating Empirical Performance Data to Achievable Parallel Application Performance
PDPTA, 1627-1633, 1999
Active-Passive Deterministic Parallel System Specification Using Z
PDPTA, 2027-2033, 1999
Relating Communication Protocol Processin to Processor Performance
PDPTA, 516-526, 1996
Crossbar Controller for the Adaptive Multistage Crossbar Network
PDPTA, 645-, 1996
GT-FITES: A Heterogeneous, Parallel Image Processing System
PDPTA, 327-336, 1995
Application of the Genetic Algorithm to Multiprocessor Scheduling
PDPTA, 206-215, 1995
Counting Broadcast Conversations on a Completely Utilized Crossbar System
Applied Informatics, 330-332, 1994
Systems Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, State of Practice Working Group
IEEE Computer, 26(11):54-65, 1993
Distributed Systems: Methods and Tools for Specification, An Advanced Course, April 3-12, 1984 and April 16-25, 1985 Munich
ISBN: 3-540-15216-4190, 1985
Derivation of Element-Relation-Attribute Data Base Requirements by Decomposition of System Functions
ER, 69-70, 1983