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Development of a Low-cost SVM-based Spontaneous Brain-computer Interface
IJCCI (NCTA), 415-421, 2011
Environment for Designing and Simulating Control Networks at Digital Home
ICINCO-RA (2), 175-178, 2008
Improvement of the visual servoing task with a new trajectory predictor - the fuzzy kalman filter
ICINCO-RA (1), 133-140, 2007
Image-based and intrinsic-free visual navigation of a mobile robot defined as a global visual servoing task
ICINCO, 189-195, 2005
Avoiding Visual Servoing Singularities Using a Cooperative Control Architecture
ICINCO (2), 162-168, 2004
Visual Servoing Techniques for Continuous Navigation of a Mobile Robot
ICINCO (2), 343-348, 2004
Control Through State Convergence of Teleoperation Systems with Varying Time Delay
ICINCO (2), 379-382, 2004
Telematics: A Distinctive Discipline
SNPD, 421-423, 2003
Applications of Invariance in Computer Vision, Second Joint European - US Workshop, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, October 9-14, 1993, Proceedings
ISBN: 3-540-58240-1825, 1994