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Security Governance: Its Impact on Security Culture
AISM, 47-58, 2005
Detecting Rogue Access Points that endanger the Maginot Line of Wireless Authentication
AISM, 103-110, 2005
Towards Identifying Criteria for the Evidential Weight of System Event Logs
Australian Computer, Network & Information Forensics Conference, 40-47, 2004
Design of a Network-Access Audit Log for Security Monitoring and Forensic Investigation
Australian Computer, Network & Information Forensics Conference, 2003
A Top-Down Approach Towards Translating Organizational Security Policy Directives to System Audit Configuration
SEC, 55-66, 2002
Pandora Networks for a Massively Parallel Decoupled Parallel Processor
EUROSIM, 195-202, 1994
From a Very Long Instruction Word Architecture to a Decoupled Multicomputer Architecture
ICPP (1), 188-191, 1992
Architecture and Programmature of the MIMD-Structured Delft Parallel Processor
ESC, 125-139, 1983