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Streaming real time data in data warehouses for just-intime views maintenance
IADIS AC (1), 101-108, 2009
Detection of Pupil Contour and Center in Eye Images Captured in Uncontrolled Illumination Environments
IPCV, 107-113, 2009
A Modified Fast and Efficient Spatial Error Concealment Technique for Block-Based Video Coding Systems
IPCV, 470-478, 2009
Motion Vector Search Modified to Reduce Encoding Time in H.264 and VC-1
Computers and Their Applications, 83-89, 2008
Fast Implementation of VC-1 Video Codec Standard
Computers and Their Applications, 130-135, 2008
Fast H.264 Video Codec Standard
Computers and Their Applications, 95-101, 2008
Modified DTTL for 16QAM Symbol Recovery of DOCSIS 2.0 Standards
Computers and Their Applications, 169-174, 2008
Reversible Integer-to-Integer Wavelet Transform for the H.264 Advanced Video Codec Standard
Computers and Their Applications, 145-151, 2006
The Enhanced Greedy Interchange Algorithm for the Selection of Materialized Views Under a Maintenance Cost Constraint in Data Warehouses
ICEIS (1), 279-284, 2003
Low-Complexity, Low-Memory Entropy Coder for Image Compression on MSC8102 DSP
CAINE, 61-64, 2002
Noise Reduction Techniques for Multi-Channels for Analog VLSI Applications
Computers and Their Applications, 148-151, 2002
Minimizing Cross Talk between Multi-Channels Instrumentation Amp. Using Guard Rings
Computers and Their Applications, 152-155, 2002
Development with Motorola's DSP56800 Processors
SIP, 387-390, 1999