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Beam Trajectory Control of the Future Compact Linear Collider
ICINCO (1), 97-104, 2011
AOI based Neurofuzzy System to Evaluate Solder Joint Quality
ICEIS (2), 50-53, 2009
CAD2VR or How to Efficiently Integrate VR into the Product Development Process
CAD, 249-258, 2002
Integrating form and function in a feature-based parametric product representation based on algebraic topology
CAD, 171-172, 2002
Feature-Based Virtual Engineering
Feature Based Product Life-Cycle Modelling, 19-39, 2001
Images of the Early 20th Century. The Photographic Fund of the Istituto di Arti Grafiche of Bergamo for "Emporium" Magazine
ICHIM (2), 447-453, 2001