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Using Critical Success Factors for Assessing Critical Activities in ERP Implementation within SMEs
ICEIS (1), 285-292, 2005
Data Path Testability Analysis Based on BDDs
ISCAS, 2012-2014, 1995
Behavior of Self-Checking Checkers for 1-out-of-3 Codes Based on Pass-Transistor Logic
ISCAS, 1924-1927, 1995
CMOS Reliability Improvements Through a New Fault Tolerant Technique
ISCAS, 83-86, 1994
A CMOS Fault Tolerant Architecture for Swith-Level Faults
DFT, 10-18, 1994
Reduction of Fault Detection Costs through Testable Design of Sequential Architectures with Signal Feedbacks
DFT, 223-230, 1993
Fault Detection in Sequential Circuits through Functional Testing
DFT, 191-198, 1993
Functional Testing and Constrained Synthesis of Sequential Architectures
ISCAS, 1523-1526, 1993
An Expert Solution to Functional Testability Analysis of VLSI Circuits
SEKE, 263-265, 1993