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Probability-based Extended Profile Filtering - An Advanced Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for User-generated Content
WEBIST (1), 219-226, 2010
E-Retail: Interaction of Intelligent Selling Space with Personal Selling Assistant
ICEIS (5), 189-194, 2008
A Flexible Infrastructure for P-Learning: A First Application in the Field of Professional Training
ICEIS (5), 215-222, 2007
The Bricoles project: support socially informed design of learning environment
AIED, 759-761, 2005
A New User-Centered Design of Distributed Collaboration Environments: The Réciprocité Project
ICEIS (3), 544-546, 2003
The Prediction of Permeability in Oil-Bearing Strata using Genetic Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, 53-57, 2000
A functional framework for the implementation of genetic algorithms: Comparing Haskell and Standard ML
Scottish Functional Programming Workshop, 27-38, 2000
Using Data Flow Diagrams for Supporting Task Models
DSV-IS (2), 1-16, 1998
Co-operative learning in the distance education of adults: why, how and first results from the Co-Learn Project
Innovative Adult Learning with Innovative Technologies, 129-135, 1995
Participative modelling and design of collaborative distance learning tools in the COLEARN project
Teleteaching, 191-200, 1993
ACTRESS: An Action Semantics Directed Compiler Generator (Summary)
Functional Programming, 51-55, 1991