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Addressing the Hardware Resource Requirements of Network-on-chip based Neural Architectures
IJCCI (NCTA), 128-137, 2011
A Discussion of Three Visualisation Approaches to Providing Cognitive Support in Variability Management
STeP, 15-31, 2010
A Reconfigurable and Biologically Inspired Paradigm for Computation Using Network-On-Chip and Spiking Neural Networks
Int. J. Reconfig. Comp., 2009, 2009
Visualising Variability Relationships in Software Product Lines
SPLC (2), 329-333, 2008
Towards Supporting Feature Configuration by Interactive Visualisation
SPLC (2), 125-131, 2007
HMM sampling and applications to gene finding and alternative splicing
ECCB, 36-41, 2003
A Configurer and GUI Network Specifier for a Multi-Processor Strong ARM Network
Computers and Their Applications, 283-288, 2002
Efficient formation of a basis in a kernel induced feature space
ESANN, 1-6, 2002
Heteroscedastic regularised kernel regression for prediction of episodes of poor air quality
ESANN, 19-24, 2002
Fast exact leave-one-out cross-validation of least-squares Support Vector Machines
ESANN, 149-154, 2002