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An oblivious image watermarking scheme using singular value decomposition
SIP, 18-24, 2007
Wavelet Packet Based Digital Image Watermarking
ICVGIP, 364-369, 2004
Edgeless Active Contours for Natural Color Images Based On Angular Mapping, Level Sets
ICVGIP, 2002
M-Band Wavelet Based Texture Features for Content Based Image Retrieval
ICVGIP, 2002
Rotation Invariant Color Texture Classification in Perceptually Uniform Color Spaces
ICVGIP, 2002
A Distributed Algorithm for Image Registration Using MADSM
PDPTA, 2000
Modeling of Wavelet Transform for De Bruijn Graph Connected Multiprocessors
PDPTA, 1482-1489, 1997
Performance of Parallel FFT Algorithm on Multiprocessors
ICPP (3), 368-369, 1990