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Is The Humboldtian University Model An Engine Of Local Development? New Empirical Evidence From The ETER Database
ISSI, 2015
Solving Vertex Coloring Problems as Maximum Weighted Stable Set Problems
CTW, 36-39, 2015
Decompositions of 2D Feature Representations with Applications to Acoustic Event Detection
GI-Jahrestagung, 2853-2867, 2013
On the Cornaz-Jost Transformation to Solve the Graph Coloring Problem
CTW, 26-29, 2012
HoneyCloud: Elastic Honeypots - On-attack Provisioning of High-interaction Honeypots
SECRYPT, 434-439, 2012
Factors Affecting the Usage of T-government Services - An Exploratory Study
ICE-B, 315-322, 2008
Acceptance by the Users of Services Integrated in the Home Environment
WEBIST (2), 75-82, 2007
Minimizing Handover Delay in IEEE 802.11b Implementations
International Conference on Wireless Networks, 607-613, 2003
Frauds and Information Technology: Analysis of the Influence on Accounting and Company Systems
I3E, 179-193, 2002
Optimization and evaluation of generalized top queries
SEBD, 273-287, 2000
Setting-up Networking Environments in Human Factors Laboratory
Applied Informatics, 54-56, 1994