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Parallel Acoustic Wave Simulation in Two Dimensions for Mediums of Varying Density
PDPTA, 1946-1949, 2003
CREWS-L'Ecritoire : Une apporche Guidant l'Ingénierie des Besoins
INFORSID, 123-141, 2001
Replicating the CREWS Use Case Authoring Guidelines Experiment
Empirical Software Engineering, 5(3):245-267, 2000
CREWS Validation Frames: Patterns for Validating Systems Requirements
REFSQ, 167-178, 1998
Formalising Guidance for the Crews Goal-Scenario Approach to Requirements Engineering
EJC, 172-190, 1998
Library Records: A Retention and Confidentiality Guide, by Shirley A. Wiegand
JASIS, 46(9):707, 1995
tbt Expert: A Case Study in Interating Expert System Technology with Computer Assisted Instruction
ICDE, 556-562, 1987