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Data State Tracking: labelling good quality data to improve warehouse operations
ICIQ, 113-123, 2016
Data Quality Problems in ETL: The State of the Practice in Large Organisations
ICIQ, 54-64, 2016
Big Data, Data Loss and Observation Analysis
ICIQ, 43-53, 2016
Data quality in analytics: Key problems arising from the repurposing of manufacturing data
ICIQ, 2015
An Investigation of How Data Quality is Affected by Dataset Size in the Context of Big Data Analytics
ICIQ, 2014
Solution architectures for retaining data quality problems in automatically generated test data
ICIQ, 2013
Data profiling challenges in engineering asset management data - Conceptual design for next generation data profiling software
ICIQ, 2013
Colourfully panconnected subgraphs II
Ars Comb., 106367-380, 2012
Customized Data Quality Improvement
ICIQ, 126-138, 2012
An Investigation into Data Quality Root Cause Analysis
ICIQ, 193-205, 2012
List-colouring the square of an outerplanar graph
Ars Comb., 101333-342, 2011
Towards a process for total information risk management
ICIQ, 2011
A classification of data quality assessment methods
ICIQ, 2011
Exploring the "Crowd" as enabler of better information quality
ICIQ, 2011
A hybrid approach to assessing data quality
ICIQ, 2010