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Software resource consumption engineering for mass produced embedded system families
University of Kaiserslautern, ISBN: 978-3-8167-7632-11-244, 2008
Ubiquitous Computing-Technologien im betrieblichen Umfeld: technische Überlegungen, Einsatzmöglichkeiten und Bewertungsansätze
University of Göttingen, ISBN: 978-3-86727-194-31-217, 2007
Web Service for Pervasive Corporate Information Systems
International Conference on Wireless Networks, 778-783, 2004
Structure of a Web-Based IT-System for Virtual Networks
iiWAS, 2003
Visualization of microcalcifications by full-field digital mammography using a wavelet algorithm
CARS, 526-530, 2001
Mapping of coarse-grained applications onto workstation clusters
PDP, 5-12, 1997
A Local Graph Partitioning Heuristic Meeting Bisection Bounds
PPSC, 1997
On the Communication Throughput of Buffered Multistage Interconnection Networks
SPAA, 152-161, 1996
Bulge Induced Kinks in DNA Molecules - Validation of Experimental Results by Molecular Modeling Techniques
German Conference on Bioinformatics, 224-226, 1996
CAMeL/PVM: An Open, Distributed CAE Environment for Modelling and Simulation Mechatronic Systems
EUROSIM, 645-650, 1995
Comparing Nested Dissection Orderings for Parallel Sparse Matrix Factorization
PDPTA, 280-289, 1995
Integrated Information Management for Physics
CODATA, 189-196, 1994
Prä- und perinatale Risikofaktoren des plötzlichen Kindstods
GMDS, 637-640, 1994
Implementierung von Simulated Annealing auf Transputer-Systemen
Transputer-Anwender-Treffen, 361-368, 1991
Experimentelle Modellbildung zur digitalen Simulation
Simulationstechnik, 74-84, 1985
Selbsttätige Fehlererkennung und Modellanpassung bei der Simulation
Simulationstechnik, 285-289, 1985
Simulation mit angepaßter Modellbildung zur optimierten, manuellen Regelung von Prozessen
Simulationstechnik, 252-256, 1984
Model Design and Simulation of a Certain Class of Nonlinear Processes
ESC, 106-111, 1983