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Architecture Challenges for Internal Software Ecosystems: A Large-Scale Industry Case Study
Software Engineering & Management, 114-115, 2015
Towards Separation of Concerns in Model Transformation Workflows
SPLC (2), 81-88, 2008
Mehr oder weniger Mobilität durch Virtualität? Wissens- und Informationsmanagement über interaktive Netzwerke
ISI, 373-376, 2002
The RealEYES-Project: Usability Evaluation with Eye Tracking Data
INTERACT, 733-734, 2001
Experiences with industrial crashworthiness simulation using the portable, message-passing PAM-CRASH code
HPCN Europe, 856-862, 1995
A Parallel, Multi-Level Approach for Contact Problems in Crashworthiness Simulation
PARCO, 157-164, 1995
Markenverfolgung in 3D-Sequenzen am Beispiel der Ganganalyse bei neurogenen Bewegungsstörungen
DAGM-Symposium, 46-52, 1988