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Using a Greedy-Based Approach for Solving Data Allocation Problem in a Distributed Environment
PDPTA, 975-980, 2008
Vertical partitioning for database design: A grouping algorithm
SEDE, 218-223, 2007
A Static Attribute-Based Partitioning Algorithm (SAPA) for Vertical Fragmentation Problem in DDBs
PDPTA, 1017-1022, 2007
Enhancing Data Preparation Processes Using Triggers For Active Datawarehousing
DMIN, 153-160, 2006
Towards the Development of a Conceptual Framework for Knowledge Enhanced e-Workflow Modelling
ECKM, 351-356, 2005
An Integrated Decision Support Tool for EU Policies on Health, Transport and Artistic Heritage Recovery
ICEIS (1), 261-266, 2005
CBR-BPR: A Case-Based Reasoning Tool for Business Process Redesign
ICEIS (2), 363-368, 2004
The Use of Neural Network and Database Technology to Reengineer the Technical Process of Monitoring Coal Combustion Efficiency
ICEIS (2), 495-498, 2003
Towards a Framework Design of a Retrieval Document System Based on Rhetorical Structure Theory and Cue Phrases
IIS, 139-148, 2003
The Millennium Information System (MIS) for European Public Health and Environment Network (EPHEN)
ICEIS, 302-306, 2002
An Integrated Object Database and Description Logic System for Online Content and Event-Based Indexing and Retrieval of a Car Park Surveillance Video
ICEIS, 129-139, 2002
A Case-Based Expert System for Estimating the Cost of Refurbishing Construction Buildings
ICEIS, 391-398, 2002
IODBCON: An Integrated Object-Oriented Database System for Integrating Information about Architecture Design and Construction Processes
ICEIS (1), 36-43, 2001