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User-generated Exploratory Search Routes: ENCONTRAR UN TÉRMINO in the Accounting Dictionaries
KONVENS, 86-95, 2014
1-D Mathematical Morphology for Water Removal in 1H MR Spectroscopy Tool
BIOSIGNALS, 381-384, 2012
Wavelet Performance in Biometric Identification System According to Users Increase
BIOSIGNALS, 482-487, 2012
Segmentation and Analysis of Retinal Vascular Tree from Fundus Images Processing
BIOSIGNALS, 321-324, 2012
Multivoxel MR Spectroscopy Tool for Brain Cancer Detection in Neuronavigation - Performance
BIODEVICES, 167-172, 2012
A Comparative Study of the Marching Cubes Techniques for 3D Real-time Rendering of Scenes in Videoconferencing Systems
GRAPP, 203-206, 2011
Augmented Reality System for Keyhole Surgery - Performance and Accuracy Validation
GRAPP, 273-279, 2011
Knowledge Management and e-Learning from Research Projects in the Field of Undergroung Construction
WEBIST (2), 187-190, 2010
Psychological Facets In A Virtual Pedagogical Agent
e-Learning, 94-98, 2008
e-Learning in Continuous Professional Development Across the Globe - An Experience in Water Engineering
WEBIST (3), 383-390, 2007