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Compensation of Tool Deflection in Robotic-based Milling
ICINCO (2), 113-122, 2012
Resampling based on Statistical Properties of Data Sets
ICINCO-ICSO, 143-148, 2009
One Modification of the Cusum Test for Detection Early Structural Changes
ICINCO-SPSMC, 18-22, 2008
Task Switching in Detail - Task Identification, Switching Strategies and Influencing Factors
ICEIS Doctoral Consortium, 72-83, 2006
The Context Interchange Technology Based on the Predicate Knowledge Representation Model
IC-AI, 840-843, 2002
Climate Ocean Modeling on a Beowulf Class System
PDPTA, 1305-1310, 1999
An Assumption-Based Framework for Non-Monotonic Reasoning
LPNMR, 171-189, 1993