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Adopting Privacy Regulations in a Data Warehouse - A Case of the Anonimity versus Utility Dilemma
KDIR, 234-239, 2016
Information Security in Health Care - Evaluation with Health Professionals
HEALTHINF, 61-69, 2011
Linguistic Engineering and its Applicability to Business Intelligence - Towards an Integrated Framework
KDIR, 460-464, 2011
BIDM - The Business Intelligence Development Model
ICEIS (1), 288-293, 2010
Using Dynamic Classes and Role Classes to Model Object Migration
TAPOS, 1(1):61-83, 1995
Dynamic Database Logic: the First-order Case
FMLDO, 103-120, 1992
Declarative Semantics of Passive and Active Updates in Logic Databases
FMLDO, 37-46, 1991
Discussion Issues for a Working Group on Update Semantics of Logic Databases
FMLDO, 209-210, 1991