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Using Expert Knowledge for Distributed Rendering Optimization
VISAPP, 05, 2011
B2C and C2C e-Marketplaces - A Multi-layer/Multi-agent Architecture to Support them
ICEIS (4), 100-105, 2010
Modeling Interpretive Steps into the FLOPER Environment
IC-AI, 16-22, 2010
vManager: un sistema CBVR basado en color local
JISBD, 163-173, 2010
On Cost Estimations for Executing Fuzzy Logic Programs
IC-AI, 217-223, 2009
Un análisis de la Calidad en Uso de los Componentes Software utilizando Redes Bayesianas
JISBD, 373-386, 2009
Integrating a Standard Communication Protocol into an E-Commerce Environment Based on Intelligent Agents
ICEIS (4), 55-60, 2008
A Qualitative Expert Knowledge Approach to Rendering Optimization
ICEIS (2), 336-341, 2007