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Using Relaxation to Fuse RFID and Vision for Object Tracking Outdoors
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Comparative Visualization of Geospatial-temporal Data
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Multistage SVM as a Clinical Decision Making Tool for Predicting Post Operative Patient Status
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Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Information Technology Education, SIGITE 2008, Cincinnati, OH, USA, October 16-18, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60558-329-7, 2008
Interpolation snakes for border detection in ultrasound images
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Advanced Nonlinear Modelling Techniques for Switched Reluctance Machines
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Research Findings on a Virtual Training Center: Lessons Learned in Measuring Web-Based Training as an Effective Project Management Intervention
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Die virtuelle Bank: Eine Begriffsklärung
Wirtschaftsinformatik, 40(4):273-280, 1998