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Exploiting Social Networks for Publication Venue Recommendations
KDIR, 239-245, 2012
COBBER: Supporting Human Centered Computing issues in the Globalization Era
IICAI, 738-757, 2009
Underwater Photogrammetry for Archaeology- The Venus Project Framework
GRAPP, 485-491, 2008
Contextual Search Using Ontology-Based User Profiles
RIAO, 2007
A Co-operative Web Services Paradigm for Supporting Crawlers
RIAO, 2007
Integration of the IPSEC protocol in a domestic network to secure its fan sub-network
IADIS AC, 113-120, 2005
COBBER, Towards an Affective Conversational KI-CBR Framework
IICAI, 1804-1820, 2005
Improving Ontology-Based User Profiles
RIAO, 380-390, 2004