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Towards the Effectiveness of a Variability Management Approach at Use Case Level
SEKE, 214-219, 2013
Empirical Validation of Variability-based Complexity Metrics for Software Product Line Architecture
SEKE, 622-627, 2012
Software Product Line Evaluation: Categorization and Evolution over the Years
DMS, 83-88, 2012
Variability Management in Software Product Line Activity Diagrams
DMS, 89-94, 2012
A Meta-Process to Support Trade-Off Analysis in Software Product Line Architecture
SEKE, 687-692, 2011
Experimental Validation for TR-UWB Systems - By Time Delayed Sampling & Correlation (TDSC)
WINSYS, 87-94, 2011
Negotiating Software Acquisition Supported by Web Services in a Distributed Software Development Process
SEKE, 221-224, 2010
Electronic Contract Negotiation and Renegotiation using Features
WEBIST (2), 313-318, 2010
SPL-OOWS: Uma extensão do método OOWS utilizando linha de produto de software
CIbSE, 339-352, 2009
Flight Simulation Environments Applied to Agent-Based Autonomous UAVS
ICEIS (4), 243-246, 2008
Investigating and Formalising the Development of HIS Within PSEEs
ISPW, 90-94, 1993