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Analyzing Genomic Mappings with the GOLAM Framework
SEBD, 80-87, 2015
Social Business Intelligence - OLAP Applied to User Generated Contents
DATA, IS-9, 2014
Efficiently Bounding Cardinality Ratios through Database Constraints
SEBD, 370-381, 2010
Rappresentazione personalizzata dell'informazione nel Web Semantico
SEBD, 159-166, 2006
M-FIRE: A Metaphor-Based Framework for Information Representation and Exploration
WEBIST (1), 332-340, 2006
New trends in Business Intelligence
miproBIS, 15-20, 2005
Mining di pattern complessi di superficie da strutture molecolari
SEBD, 150-157, 2004
Bounding the cardinality of aggregate views through domain-derived constraints
Data Knowl. Eng., 45(2):131-153, 2003
PAtterns for Next-generation DAtabase systems: preliminary results of the PANDA project
SEBD, 293-300, 2003
WAND: A CASE Tool for Workload-Based Design of a Data Mart
SEBD, 422-426, 2002
Using Domain-Derived Constraints to Bound the Cardinality of Aggregate Views
SEBD, 249-256, 2001
WAND: A CASE Tool for Data Warehouse Design
ICDE Demo Sessions, 7-9, 2001
Date Warehouse Design
ICEIS, IS 39-42, 2000
Vertical Fragmentation of Views in Relational Data Warehouses
SEBD, 19-33, 1999
Progettazione concettuale di Data Warehouse da schemi logici relazionali
SEBD, 141-154, 1998
A Game Theory Approach to Coordination in MAS
ECAI, 610-611, 1998