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Extending Legacy Agent Knowledge Base Systems with Semantic Web Compatibilities
ICEIS (4), 131-134, 2010
pR: Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Middleware to Plugin Parallel Analytical Computing with R
IKE, 667-673, 2009
Web-Enabled R for Large-Scale Collaborative Data Mining: A Survey
IKE, 615-621, 2009
PR: Automatic parallelization of data-parallel statistical computing codes for R in hybrid multi-node and multi-core environments
IADIS AC (2), 28-32, 2009
An Efficient Load Balancing Architecture for Peer-to-Peer Systems
GCA, 213-218, 2008
Range Query over Structured Overlay System
GCA, 137-143, 2007
Mobile Agent based Efficient Channel Allocation for VoD
Wireless and Optical Communications, 185-189, 2006
RScaLAPACK: High-Performance Parallel Statistical Computing with R and ScaLAPACK
ISCA PDCS, 61-67, 2005
Real Time Vision-based Control of a Carrom Playing Robot
IICAI, 281-293, 2005