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Generalized Lucas' Theorem
Ars Comb., 120413-416, 2015
Combinatorial identities for the r-Lah numbers
Ars Comb., 115453-458, 2014
Sums of products of generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbers
Ars Comb., 11033-43, 2013
Cross recurrence relations for r-Lah numbers
Ars Comb., 110199-203, 2013
Unimodality of sequences associated to Pell numbers
Ars Comb., 102305-311, 2011
Architecture of Medpeer - A New P2P-based System for Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources
KMIS, 351-354, 2011
Distributed Data Mining using Ensemble Learning Methods
DMIN, 464-470, 2008
The Priority of Rules and the Termination Analysis Using Petri Nets
Int. Arab J. Inf. Technol., 4(2):177-183, 2007