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L-Presheaves and Their Stalks
Ars Comb., 106105-114, 2012
An Adaptive Replication Framework for Improving the QoS of Web Services
CLOSER, 283-286, 2012
Performance Study for Instantaneous Blind Audio Source Separation Algorithms
CATA, 31-37, 2009
Toward Facilitating Dynamic Software Evolution
iiWAS, 685-690, 2005
The Execution Of Strategic Information System Planning In Industrial Potash Plant
IKE, 32-44, 2005
The Lerchianness plot
Glottometrics, 750-64, 2004
A Hybrid Approach for Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition: Combining Self-Organizing Maps (SOMS) and Fuzzy Rules
ICEIS (2), 529-532, 2003
Consistency Management in Object-Oriented Databases
ECOOP Workshops, 216, 1999
An Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation for the Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems
ESM, 571-576, 1998
Foundations for Integrity Independence in Relational Databases
FMLDO, 143-165, 1998