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Using Explanation Facilities in Healthcare Expert Systems
HEALTHINF (1), 223-226, 2008
A brief historical review of explanation in expert system applications
Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 648-653, 2007
A Profitable Broker in a Volatile Utility Grid
ITSSA, 2(2):167-176, 2006
A novel stochastic algorithm for scheduling workflows with QoS guarantees in a web service-oriented grid
Computational Intelligence, 319-324, 2006
The Minimised Geometric Buchberger Algorithm: An Optimal Algebraic Algorithm for Integer Programming
ISSAC, 331-338, 1997
Parallelization of a Nonlinear Robust Optimization Algorithm
PARCO, 171-178, 1997
A Higher-Order Removal Method
Lisp and Symbolic Computation, 9(4):287-322, 1996
A Pseudo-BiCMOS High Gain-Bandwidth Low Noise Operational Amplifier Using a Darlington Input Stage
ISCAS, 1724-1727, 1995
Foretracking versus Backtracking in AI Languages
Applied Informatics, 8-13, 1994
Formalising Actors in Linear Logic
OOIS, 37-53, 1994
Declarative Programming, Sasbachwalden 1991, PHOENIX Seminar and Workshop on Declarative Programming, Sasbachwalden, Black Forest, Germany, 18-22 November 1991
ISBN: 3-540-19735-4, 1992
A New Perspective on Integrating Functional and Logic Languages
FGCS, 682-693, 1992
A General Computational Scheme for Constraint Logic Programming
ALPUK, 56-77, 1991
A Design Space for Integrating Declarative Languages
Declarative Programming, 3-19, 1991
Introducing Constraint Functional Logic Programming
Declarative Programming, 20-34, 1991