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Location Contexts in Role-based Security Policy Enforcement
Security and Management, 404-410, 2009
Test Order Generation for Efficient Object-oriented Class Integration Testing
SEKE, 703-708, 2008
Predicting Order of Likelihood of Defective Software Modules
SEKE, 93-98, 2007
Building Business Considerations into Enterprise Application Designs
SEKE, 513-518, 2007
Software Tradeoff Assistant: An Integrated Framework for Analytical Decision Making and Tradeoffs in Software Development
SEKE, 450-455, 2007
Security Risk Analysis in Web Application Design
WEBIST (1), 28-35, 2007
Alternative Approach to Utilize Software Defect Reports
SEDE, 57-62, 2006
Software Defect Data and Predictability for Testing Schedules
SEKE, 499-504, 2006
Proceedings of the 5th Conference on Creativity & Cognition, London, United Kingdom, April 12-15, 2005
ISBN: 1-59593-025-6, 2005
Extending Acquisition of High Quality Customer Level Requirements
Software Engineering Research and Practice, 407-413, 2003
Representing genetic sequence data for pharmacogenomics: an evolutionary approach using ontological and relational models
ISMB, 207-215, 2002
Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Creativity & Cognition, Loughborough, United Kingdom, October 13-16, 2002
ISBN: 1-58113-465-7, 2002
Bringing Human Computer Interaction into a Department of Product and Systems Design
INTERACT, 488-495, 2001
Exploring the role of expectations in defining stakeholder's evaluations of IS quality
IRMA Conference, 57-61, 2000
Issues in Building and Evaluating Networked Engineering Environments
Knowledge Intensive CAD, 229-236, 2000
A Relational Approach for Learning Minimal Rules from Examples
Applied Informatics, 141-144, 1999
Teaching HCI and Design of Interactive Systems
INTERACT, 701-702, 1997
Cognitive Factors in Design: Basic Phenomena in Human Memory and Problem Solving
INTERACT, 669-671, 1997
Advanced interaction in university based education
INTERACT, 423-426, 1995
If outsourcing IT is the answer - what is the question?
Business Process Re-Engineering, 299-308, 1994
Kooperatives Arbeiten im Kontext wechselnder Anwendungen
GI Jahrestagung, 387-395, 1992
Aggregation in Model-Based Reasoning Using Prime Models: A Preliminary Report
ICCI, 292-295, 1992
Consistent Linear Speedup in Parallel Alpha-Beta Search
ICCI, 237-240, 1992
The Drexel Disk: An Electronic "Guidebook"
BCS HCI, 115-129, 1987