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The theta-complete graph Ramsey number R(θn, K5) = 4n-3 for n=6 and n ³ 10
Ars Comb., 134177-191, 2017
On the basis number of the wreath product of paths with wheels and some related problems
Ars Comb., 131239-253, 2017
Edge-Maximal Graphs Without θ5-Graphs
Ars Comb., 124193-207, 2016
On the basis number of the wreath product of ladders
Ars Comb., 127293-314, 2016
A new upper bound of the basis number of the lexicographic product of graphs
Ars Comb., 97, 2010
The Basis Number of The Composition of Theta Graphs with Some Graphs
Ars Comb., 79, 2006
The Basis Number of the Direct Product of a Theta Graph and a Path
Ars Comb., 75, 2005
On The Hamiltonian Decomposition of Special Product of Graphs
Ars Comb., 69, 2003