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School Age Children's Cognition Identification by Mining Integrated Computer Games Data
CSEDU (2), 495-505, 2012
Interleaver-based Subcarrier Allocation Schemes for BER Fairness in OFDMA
ICWN, 262-266, 2010
Geographic Constraint Mobility Model for Ad Hoc Network
MASCOTS, 337-346, 2008
PAPR Reduction in MC-CDMA Systems by Selection of Spreading Code Subsets
ICWN, 86-89, 2007
Searching Technique in Peer-to-Peer Networks by Detecting Stable Nodes
Communications in Computing, 30-35, 2007
Developing a SAX Filtering Intermediary Service for Protecting SVG Multimedia Contents in a Ubiquitous Publish/Subscribe Environment
International Conference on Internet Computing, 515-521, 2005
Securing Web Services with XML aware Digital Signatures
AISM, 129-134, 2004